I spend a lot of time thinking about how the world can be divided up and categorized.

Most of the time the problems we think we’re facing are not the actual problems we’re facing. It takes a bit of analysis, chipping away, and splitting to get to the real issues. Divide-and-conquer.

Currently I’m a Software Engineer at Microsoft. I started my career at Microsoft working on test frameworks for HR systems, then went on to building web applications for managing cloud infrastructure, and most recently I’ve been working on “big data” pipelines. Big data is broad term, I know. In my case those big data pipelines were a Hadoop/Spark based pipeline for calculating the majority of Microsoft Azure’s usage and costs, and another Azure Data Explorer based pipeline for calculating personalized cloud optimization recommendations.

Outside of tech I enjoy exploring and various other hobbies from brewing Kombucha to making homemade soap from oil and lye. Check out my Instagram or YouTube channel to see what I’m currently up to.