My Priorities

The Liberal Party Platform reflects the foundation of my political beliefs.

We live in the real world though, which means I need more concrete, and actionable ideas.

The following are my top priorities.

  • Consecutive term limits for the House and Senate: Being a representative is not a career. Power is corrupting, and even the best representatives should periodically return as normal citizens to the districts they represent.
  • Single-subject rule: Federal lawmaking has become a mess of complex, unreadable, and dishonest legislation. Unpopular provisions are frequently tacked onto necessary or popular bills. Majority of states within the U.S. have single-subject rules requiring a bill to deal with one main subject, we need bring this rule to the federal level of government.
  • Repeal Section 230: Social media giants currently live in a protected bubble, where they are free to act as a publisher, controlling and editing what we see, while avoiding all of the responsibility of a publisher. We need to repeal Section 230, and hold these giants accountable.
  • Address the student loan crisis: Predatory loans, backed by the U.S. Government, were pushed on millions of students. We need to end the federal student loan program, create programs to aid those struggling with their student loans, and create a federal grant program to pay for college for students in high ROI programs.
  • Strategic investment to secure domestic supply chains and provide good paying jobs for Americans: As we seen with COVID-19, our domestic supply chains can be disrupted overnight, leaving us without basic necessities. We need to invest in securing our supply lines, which will in turn support domestic job creation.
  • Automatically issued passports and automatic voter registration: We rely on an antiquated system for determining U.S. citizenship for natural born citizens. There is no reason those born in this country must later prove their citizenship when applying for a passport. Using this system we can also automatically register U.S. citizens to vote at the legal voting age.
  • Simplify the tax filing system for individuals: Again, we are relying on an antiquated system for filing individual taxes. A large portion of individuals have a simple tax situation which could be processed automatically without any effort on their part. The federal government wants your tax money, at the very least they can take most of the burden of calculating and collecting.
  • Legalize marijuana at the federal level: Millions of dollars are wasted, and thousands jailed every year for marijuana related offenses. We’ve seen it decriminalized across the country successfully; it’s time to divert resources from fighting this losing battle towards legitimate issues like the opioid epidemic.
  • Increase investment in our public lands, and expand the EPA: Our public lands are seeing increased use, and are straining under the load. We need to increase investment in our public lands, expand wilderness areas, and ensure a healthy environment for all living creatures.

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