Day X Production Capacity: The National Need For Domestic Production Capacity Of Necessities

There is an urgent need for planning on the federal level to ensure the ability to produce basic necessities domestically.

Our current inability to do so is a major threat to national security, and the wellbeing of Americans across the country.

As we seen in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, even basic medical supplies are not as readily available as we once believed.

We’re currently in the middle of trade negotiations and trade wars with multiple countries. It is only a matter of time before these weaknesses are leveraged against us. These risks exist during times of peace. In the event of actual hostilities, or natural disasters, the consequences will be much worse.

The federal government must identify areas of domestic production weakness and make the investments necessary to mitigate them.

Necessities can be broken down into categories depending on how quickly we must be able to bring production capacity online assuming imports become unavailable.

Day 0:

  • Common medication and medical supplies: Antibiotics, pain killers, commonly used surgical and hospital equipment.
  • Energy production: Gas, oil, coal, nuclear, solar, etc.
  • Food staples: Hardy to grow and store fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat.
  • Water distribution

Day 30:

  • Manufacturing equipment.
  • Transportation equipment.
  • Munitions production.
  • Specialized medication and medical supplies.

Day 365

  • Energy production equipment: Solar panels, gas turbines, etc.
  • Rare earth metal mining.
  • Semiconductor and high-tech manfacturing.
  • Wider range of food.

And so on…

Not only will this ensure we have what we need when the time comes, it will stimulate the economy, and create a wide range of jobs.

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