Attention: If you produce anything of value, screw you.

If you’ve lived within your means, planned accordingly, and produced things of value for society, the current American system doesn’t care about you.

If you built crappy cars, and paid unions too much. Bailout!

If you issued stupid debt, and partook in extremely risky financial practices. Bailout!

If you built planes which nosedive into the ground. Bailout!

If your small or medium sized business produced so little value, or was so poorly managed it can’t even survive a month with diminished revenue, even after years of above average economic activity. Bailout!

If your local state and city government, wasted years of above average tax income. Bailout!

If you were laid off recently, no worries, you’ll make more producing no value! Bailout!


If you’re a grocery store worker risking your health everyday for barely above minimum wage. Screw you.

If you managed your company properly, and can handle this economic downturn without government assistance. Screw you.

If you’re a doctor or nurse, working without proper gear, and risking yours and your families health to save lives. Screw you.

Let the failures fail. Stop the bailouts.

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