Having fun with philosophy and zombies.

I like to talk about the various philosophies of Software Engineering. Today I want to do a little exercise in the philosophy of consciousness.

You are most likely the only conscious person right now, or there are multiple consciousnesses experiencing your life.

This is a play on the philosophical zombie argument, but bear with me.

Need to make a couple assumptions for this to work:

  • The future and past exist in spacetime and cannot be changed. What is going to happen cannot be changed (Hard Determinism)
  • At the very least you exist and are conscious
  • Your consciousness only experiences a tiny sliver of reality at any given moment, this sliver is almost infinitely narrow.

Here’s my argument:

  1. You are either the only person conscious or there exists many consciousnesses.
  2. If you are not the only consciousness than you are only experiencing your life at a very specific point in 4D spacetime. Your consciousness is like a record needle on the record of spacetime, only experiencing the exact note under your needle at that moment.
  3. Your consciousness experiences time passing at a different rate than other consciousnesses. When you sleep your needle skips ahead, when moving at different speeds (say close to the speed of light) your consciousness experiences spacetime at varying speeds, there are a multitude of things that can affect the rate your consciousness travels through spacetime.
  4. Given you only experience a moment in time; just a sliver or frame, the chances of two consciousnesses; both traveling through spacetime at different speeds, passing through the same moment in spacetime is infinitesimal or virtually impossible. Like multiple needles moving across a record at different speeds, it’s impossible for them to both stay in sync.
  5. The only way to combat the infinitesimal odds of experiencing reality with another consciousness for there to be an infinite number of consciousnesses, meaning there must be other consciousnesses experiencing your point of view or life.
  6. Conclusion, you must either be the only consciousness at this moment, or there are an infinite number of consciousnesses and more than one experiencing your life or point of view.

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