Setting up basic cost alerts in Azure

Following up on the last post about simple cost analysis in Azure, this post will cover setting up basic cost alerts in Azure.

In our case I want to set up alerts on the resource group containing this WordPress blog.

First, go into the resource group. Then click Budgets in the left side menu.

Once on the Budgets page click add.

My budget will be $75 per calendar month, and I’ll have it expire 2 years from now. Once you set the budget details click next. Here you will be able to set alerts for your budget.

In my case I want to know when I get close to my budget, and when I exceed it. So I will be creating two alerts, one at 75% and one at 100% of my budget. I won’t be specifying action groups, that is a more advanced subject I’ll try to cover another time. I will only be using the email alert option.

Once that is all filled out, click create. You’ll be redirected to the budgets page where the budget you just created should now be showing.

Congrats! You now have budget alerts set up.

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